Case Study - @miadioo

Mia Dio 1/30/19

An audit on @miadioo was made and she was in excellent standing at a 91.4% real follower percentage.

Through our software her account has increased by more than 1,750 followers by the third week, but more importantly the countless number of opportunities she was presented through for photoshoots, brand endorsement deals, and even invitations to network with other influencer and athletes. 

After an account review of Mia's account these were her insights. As shown below the total daily followers graph will only continue to increase exponentially. Mia should be on track to a new total of 2,000 real and engaging followers for her first month. We will keep this blog post up-to-date to make sure you guys have the most recent information regarding her growth.

Mia Dio UPDATE** 2/9/18 

From an excellent standing at 91.4% real followers percentage within 2 weeks Mia was able to see an increase in growth from 19.4K to 20.2k followers and an increase from 91.4% to a solid 93.1% estimated real followers.